First Minister agrees to visit Holyhead port to discuss its economic potential

Rhun ap Iorwerth MS will meet with Mark Drakeford to discuss the investment and support needed to unleash the port’s potential.

During questions to the First Minister this week, Rhun ap Iorwerth, Member of the Senedd for Ynys Môn took the opportunity to invite Mark Drakeford to Holyhead port to see for himself what investment is needed to ensure that the port’s “future can be a bright one for Holyhead”.

Rhun ap Iorwerth stressed that the Welsh Government must continue to urge the Irish Government to remember the importance, and to promote the direct crossings from Ireland to Wales, through Holyhead – the busiest port in Wales, following the publication of a map by the Irish Government last week celebrating the opening of 44 crossings from Ireland to the European continent.

In his question to the First Minister, Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said:

“As the impact of Brexit continues to cause major challenges in Holyhead, there are also major opportunities – new opportunities that we could be pursuing, and the most important of those are opportunities to develop Holyhead as the port to service the next development in wind energy in the Irish sea. And in that context, may I invite the First Minister to visit the port of Holyhead to see for himself what investment needs to be secured in that port as soon as possible to ensure that, whatever challenges we face now, the future can be a bright one for Holyhead and the workers there?”

In his response, the First Minister confirmed that Welsh Government have a major meeting later this week with Ministers from the Irish Government, where they will discuss opportunities and the potential for both countries from working collaboratively.

In his response to Rhun ap Iorwerth’s question, the First Minister, Mark Drakeford MS said:

“I am aware, of course, of the challenges facing the port of Holyhead. I would be more than happy to return to Holyhead once again to speak to people there. I agree, and I’ve read an article by the Member this week also, which focused on the opportunities that exist in Holyhead in the context of renewable energy—wind energy—and using the port to help us to create that green economy that we want to see here in Wales. And I’d be more than happy, when the opportunity arises, to come to Holyhead and to discuss the possibilities available.”