Video: Rhun calls for better mobile coverage in rural areas like Anglesey

During First Minister’s Questions, Ynys Môn AM Rhun ap Iorwerth talked about the unreliable mobile signal in rural areas such as Anglesey. He said:

“Although rural areas such as Ynys Môn pay exactly the same as everyone else in the British isles for their mobile phone signal, the service is often second rate. To be honest, many pay more for a mobile phone in areas such as Ynys Môn—some pay for two phones, one for work and one for home; some pay for a box to boost the signal; and others have to pay roaming charges because the signal from Ireland is stronger than the signal available on Ynys Môn. The ‘Daily Post’ at present is running a campaign to try and improve mobile signal in north Wales and they revealed some figures yesterday on 4G coverage: I think that the Netherlands are on 83 per cent, Britain is on 53 per cent and Wales is on just 20 per cent. Given that connectivity is so important in rural areas, what has prevented the Welsh Government from encouraging the mobile phone providers to do more to provide enhanced signal in rural areas and in Ynys Môn?”