Electric Vehicle charge point statistics reflect ‘shamefully’ on Welsh Government, says AM

Recently published figures detailing the number of electric vehicle charging points available across the United Kingdom show just how far behind Wales is in terms of embracing the EV revolution, says Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for Ynys Môn Rhun ap Iorwerth.

Research conducted by HSBC into the availability of EV charging points shows Wales has by far the poorest infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, with only 31 publicly-funded charging points available in Wales, compared with 743 in Scotland, 185 in Northern Ireland and 2,862 in England.

Per capita figures highlight just how poor Wales is performing, with Scotland having one charge point for every 7,127 people, Northern Ireland slightly higher with one for every 9,789 people, with Wales’ proportion truly staggering at one charge point for every 98,806 people.

Ynys Môn AM Rhun ap Iorwerth has been vocal in making his support known for encouraging an electric vehicle revolution, raising questions in the National Assembly calling for more investment in EV infrastructure, and campaigning for Welsh Government to act in a manner that shows they’re taking this new technology seriously.

Mr ap Iorwerth labelled the Welsh Labour Government’s investment in EV infrastructure as ‘shameful’ following the release of these figures.

‘I’ve been calling for a long time for Welsh Government to take this matter seriously, but these figures prove Wales is way, way, behind rest of UK on publicly-funded charge points. Instead of trying to be a leader – which this country is more than capable of doing, Wales is barely in the game, and it reflects shamefully on this Welsh Labour Government.

‘This Welsh Labour Government is simply trying to manage the country, to maintain everything at its present level – which it is struggling to do, by the way – rather than trying to take Wales forward and put our country in a position where we can lead, or even compete, with other countries in terms of innovation.

‘One publicly-funded charge point for more or less every 100,000 people in Wales is appalling, and this is a situation that needs to change very quickly before Wales is left behind again, thanks to this Labour government. Plaid Cymru succeeded to secure £2m towards EV infrastructure in the latest budget negotiations, but it is clear that this was a drop in the ocean compared to what is needed.’

You can find the full list of statistics by following this link.