Welsh Parliament Member for Ynys Mon supports calls for sport and play facilities in Dwyran

Rhun ap Iorwerth MS supports the calls to maintain and develop outdoor leisure facilities for the children and young people of Dwyran.

The Ynys Mon MS met members of the local community to hear their frustration at the lack of a children’s play park, especially given the recent development of new housing in the village with many young families living in newly-developed properties, and he also heard disappointment at the proposed sale of the recently closed village school estate, including the playing field.

Mr ap Iorwerth said housing development plans needed to include a commitment to developing community resources, and said he would write to the County Council to request the exclusion of the playing field from the sale of the school.

He also said he was ready to work with the community to see how a location could be secured and the necessary funding raised to provide a play park.

Mr ap Iorwerth said:

“I have met with many members of the community of Dwyran earlier this week who want to make sure that the young people of the area have sufficient play facilities for the future.

“I spoke with a group of young people and their parents in the village who raised concerns that there’s no play facilities for children and that they’d like to see housing developers in the area offer opportunities to create play facilities as part of their developments, and I completely agree.

“I will be working with the local community to see how I can help and see if we can develop a facility of some sort here. There are also concerns of plans to sell the playing field that was part of the former village school. Whilst the school does need to be sold by the County Council, I do think the field should be protected and excluded from any sale, so that the local people don’t lose this facility.”