My thoughts on devolution, 20 years on, in today’s Holyhead and Anglesey Mail

“Devolution is about Wales saying ‘we are a nation, we want a voice, and want to decide ourselves how to set priorities for a fairer, more prosperous future’.
“As we now assess the impact of devolution, we have to be clear about the discinction between the Welsh Government and the Assembly. The Assembly belongs to all of us – it is our national Parliament. The Government – led by Labour ever since the advent of devolution– are the decision makers, coming from the largest group (or coalition) in the Assembly.
“Do I think this Labour Government is doing a good job? Delivering the health service, education standards and economic success Wales yearns for? Bringing the nation together and making every part, north south, east and west, feel valued? No – I think it’s falling short of what Wales needs. It’s our job in Plaid Cymru offer an alternative.
“But do I think devolution – the setting up of the Assembly – was the right thing? Absolutely! And we should never, ever look back. The Government can be changed – that’s why we have elections. But just imagine had Wales said ‘No’ in 1997. We’d have told the world that we don’t really wish to exist as a nation. But we’re here – yma o hyd! And we should move forward with confidence.”