Rhun’s column for the Holyhead & Anglesey Mail 30 03 16

The National Assembly met for the last time before the election last week. In my last contribution in the chamber before dissolution, I reminded the government of the importance of investing in the whole of Wales.

The Cardiff City Deal announced recently is obviously good news for the south-east, but in the north, as in other parts of the country there is concern that this investment is happening at the expense of others and, coming on top of Labour’s £1 billion M4 ‘black route’ plans, there is understandably, a feeling of ‘where’s the equivalent investment for us?’

This is important, not only in terms of economic development, in practical terms of job creation, improving transport connectivity and so on, but there’s also a very important political dimension that I think we ignore at our peril. Welsh Government must work for the whole of Wales and any perception that it isn’t is bad for devolution, potentially, and bad for what should be a common endeavour to all of us, which is to join up Wales and have that joint national venture to create a fairer and more prosperous Wales. I and Plaid Cymru are committed to uniting Wales and spreading prosperity.

With no more plenary meetings to attend, I have been able to spend even more time on Anglesey. Last week’s meetings included a visit to Minesto’s new offices in Holyhead to hear about their exciting developments in tidal energy and to meet some of the local workforce. I also met community council representatives from all over the island to discuss the latest steps I have been taking to oppose National Grid’s plans to erect a new line of pylons across Anglesey. And I attended an Age Cymru Gwynedd a Môn event in Newborough promoting steps to keep healthy, warm and safe in the winter – offering advice to over 50s on how to keep energy bills low and keeping the home safe and also offering blood pressure tests. I was relieved to hear that, even with an election looming, my blood pressure was normal!

I also held a constituency surgery in Benllech as well as an open event in Aberffraw with the local Plaid Cymru councillor Ann Griffith. Thanks to everyone who dropped by. I will, no doubt, see many more of you in the coming weeks. Representing Anglesey is a real honour, and I’ve always seen the work of promoting the island’s interests as a joint venture between myself and all of you.