Our pledge for small businesses

• Support more than 80,000 small and medium sized businesses by cutting business rates in Wales. This would free 70,000 of those firms from paying business rates altogether and help our town centres.

• Ensure at least 70% of Welsh public contracts are awarded to businesses in Wales which would create 40,000 extra jobs.

• Create a WDA for the 21st century which will sell Wales – our products and ideas – to the world.

• Undertake the biggest investment programme since devolution to improve our public transport system and road network.

• Create a Welsh Development Bank to ensure adequate credit for Welsh businesses to maintain businesses, support expansion and create additional jobs within Wales.

• Invest in our transport system across the whole of Wales rather than tying up every available penny on an unnecessarily expensive option for a new M4.

• Press for fast broadband and reliable mobile signal for the whole of Anglesey.