Labour managing Wales, rather than leading, says Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Economy Minister

Rhun ap Iorwerth has launched a stinging attack on the performance of the Labour Welsh Government, declaring that it is only interested in managing not leading Wales.

Speaking at the Plaid Cymru annual conference in Aberystwyth today, the Ynys Môn AM said: “All the Labour government is attempting to do is to manage Wales. There’s a big difference between managing and leading.

“Labour is about trying to make Wales function – which may be acceptable to some, but it isn’t to me. Plaid Cymru is offering competence in administration, coupled with the vision and inspiration needed if Wales is to even aspire to climb out of this Labour-led rut.

“As we approach next year’s election there is a growing realisation in Wales, I think – including among Labour supporters that Wales and the Government of Wales needs change. After 16 years with Labour in charge, we need a new direction.”

The Shadow Economy Minister reiterated the party’s opposition to the government’s preferred Black route for the proposed new M4 around Newport.

“To blow the Welsh Government’s entire borrowing powers on a 20th century road project –  when a 21st century solution could be delivered sooner at perhaps half the price is reckless and shortsighted.

“Plaid Cymru would commit hundreds of millions of pounds to resolving the M4 bottleneck. But our plans would work in tandem with public transport improvements and would allow for spending across Wales, ensuring the north Wales and west Wales regional economies are given the investment in connectivity they need too, as well as allowing for the free-er movement of goods and people on the M4 in the Newport area.”