Amlwch Guides inspire AM’s Plastic Promise

After 1st Amlwch Guides contacted their local AM Rhun ap Iorwerth, asking him to promote their Plastic Promise campaign, Rhun this week made a 90 second statement in the Senedd chamber praising their campaign and making his own plastic promise.

As part of the Future Girl campaign, Girlguiding asked thousands of girls what was important to them, and the environment came up as one of the top five issues.

As a result, 1st Amlwch Guides, have made a pledge to tackle plastic pollution to protect the planet and contacted Rhun to share their plastic promises with him.

Rhun shared these with other AMs this week and added his own pledge to the list.

Speaking at the Senedd yesterday, Rhun ap Iorwerth said:

“Members of the First Amlwch Guides have each written to me to share their plastic promises. They include pledges to use metal or paper straws, to reuse plastic bottles, and to hold on to plastic until they find a recycling bin. Others will be buying food in non-plastic containers, ditching cling film, or, and I quote, ‘telling my mum not to buy plastic bags.’ They’re asking us as AMs to join them in being planet protectors, by making plastic promises of our own.

“I’ll be sharing my promises on social media. I’ll pledge to always try to recycle well and to continue to support campaigners for a deposit-return scheme—something the Girl Guides agree is a very good idea. And I and the Amlwch Guides invite all of you to make your own plastic promises by using the hashtags #PlasticPromise or #AddewidPlastig.

“By working together, we can make a real difference. And let’s take a lead from our young people, because it’s their future.”