Welsh Government must step up to tackle problems regarding dementia care, says Rhun ap Iorwerth

Welsh Government urgently need to do more to support people living with dementia, and make sure they can receive the care they need close to home and in their first language, according to Ynys Mon Assembly Member Rhun ap Iorwerth.

A number of cases have been brought to the attention of the Plaid Cymru AM on Ynys Mon in recent weeks, where dementia patients are being asked to travel extensive distances outside their communities to receive care, to England in one particular case, meaning that they would not be able to receive care through the medium of Welsh.

Mr ap Iorwerth has written to Welsh Government on two occasions regarding similar cases in recent weeks, and brought concerns to the attention of Health Minister Vaughan Gething.
Mr ap Iorwerth said:

“We urgently need to do more to support people living with dementia, to make sure that they can receive care as close as possible to their home communities, close to their families and in their first language, and I pay tribute to the families who have been in contact with me for all their hard work in fighting for the best care for their loved ones.

“Welsh Government says it recognises how important it is that people can communicate in their first language when receiving care, especially dementia patients, but we need to see action now to tackle what is a very concerning state of affairs.

“Provision in north Wales for dementia patients is being stretched to breaking point, particularly for those with high level of care needs and twice in the last two months I have pressed Welsh Government in separate cases regarding care for patients who are being told they either have to travel extensive distances out of their communities for care, or even having to go to England.

“This is making it more difficult for people to be treated close to home and in their first language of Welsh, and affected families are deeply upset about the circumstances their loved ones are facing when seeking essential care. I will continue to press both Welsh Government and the Health Board for answers and resolutions to this unacceptable situation.”