Rhun ap Iorwerth criticises UK Government’s transport legacy for Wales

There are a catalogue of examples as to why the UK Government has not left a positive transport legacy for Wales in recent years, according to Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Rhun ap Iorwerth.

Following an exchange between the Plaid AM and Welsh Government Minister for Economy and Transport Ken Skates in the Assembly on Tuesday, where Mr ap Iorwerth made the case for devolving powers over rail infrastructure to Welsh Government, the Ynys Môn AM on Wednesday in a debate on transport criticised the UK Government’s overall transport legacy for Wales.

Mr ap Iorwerth said:

“Consensus can build between politicians here in Wales and politicians in Westminster, but because the cards are held by UK Government, it is up to them, not us as a nation what we get to decide on the future of our transport network.

“There’s a catalogue of examples that I could give of why the UK is not a positive legacy for Wales when you look at transport. If you want to make the case for the UK, I’d suggest transport was a pretty poor choice of topic, and in fact I think it’s getting more and more difficult for you to choose a topic that says that the UK is our best bet.

“It was believed that the British empire would never see the sun set on it—that the empire was set for, and I quote the Brexit Party, ‘indefinite continuance’. But the sun did set on it. Now we look to a new dawn, as Scottish independence, Irish unity and Welsh independence rise up the agenda, so rub your eyes and join us on the journey.”