Plaid Cymru calls to set up new energy body on Anglesey

Urgent action is needed by the Welsh Government to develop alternatives to Wylfa Newydd on Anglesey, according to Plaid Cymru’s North Wales AM.

Llyr Gruffydd AM has called for the new Welsh First Minister to put his election promises into practice by setting up a not-for-profit energy company for Wales and basing it on Anglesey.

He said: “Plaid Cymru has advocated setting up a mutual energy company called Ynni Cymru, based on the Dŵr Cymru model, that would coordinate and develop energy production in Wales for the benefit of the people of Wales. The recent news that Wylfa Newydd has been suspended along with the looming job losses at Rehau in Amlwch means this kind of innovative and joined-up thinking is needed more than ever. That’s particularly true of Anglesey, which has been dealt a series of economic blows and urgently needs some practical support. As Plaid Cymru’s shadow energy minister, I’m proposing that the Welsh Government takes the Ynni Cymru model on board and locates it on Anglesey.

“The First Minister’s election promises included mention of this and, although it’s a straight steal of Plaid Cymru’s policy, I’m more interested in how we can create jobs and innovate in the energy sector in Wales than scoring political points.

“That’s why I raised the matter in the Senedd during questions to the energy minister and why I and Ynys Môn AM Rhun ap Iorwerth will continue to press for Anglesey to become an energy island in more than name only. People on the island deserve no less.”

Anglesey AM Rhun ap Iorwerth said: “Plaid Cymru has long argued that we need an energy company for Wales. It’s good to see that the First Minister has taken our idea on board. Now, given the economic challenges that we face on Anglesey – and the fact that we have a track record in research and production in energy, it’s quite simple, this energy company should be based on Anglesey.”