Medical Education at Bangor a victory for Plaid Cymru, says Rhun ap Iorwerth

Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for Ynys Môn Rhun ap Iorwerth expressed his delight at the recent confirmation by Welsh Government that Bangor University will offer Medical Courses to students from 2019, hailing the announcement as a significant victory for Plaid Cymru and North Wales.

Bangor University and Cardiff University will work in partnership to deliver a four-year undergraduate medical degree programme from 2019, whilst work will continue towards the delivery of the full five-year standard medical degree in North Wales.

As the party’s Shadow Health spokesperson throughout the majority of Plaid Cymru’s campaign, Mr ap Iorwerth played a key role in making the case for full medical education to be delivered in North Wales, alongside the party’s Arfon AM Sian Gwenllian and MP Hywel Williams.

Speaking following the announcement, Mr ap Iorwerth said:

“This is fantastic news for prospective medical students in North Wales and another great victory for Plaid Cymru following our long-running campaign to see full medical education brought to the north.

“The success of this Plaid Cymru campaign will mean more doctors being trained overall, and for that training to take place where some of our most acute doctor shortages are felt. We’ll keep pressing to increase the numbers further, but this is a fantastic start, and crucially, Plaid Cymru’s vision of a new centre for medical education in Bangor is becoming a reality.

“Workforce shortages are among the biggest problems facing our NHS, and whilst that’s about much more than doctor shortages, by making this a priority in our budget asks, I’m proud that Plaid Cymru has been able to make a real difference. I’m grateful to all the Universities involved for stepping up to the challenge!